Support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to support our local voucher partners in the COVID-19 crisis and asked ourselves what we can do to reduce the negative dimensions of the pandemic for your companies.

Atento team decided on the following 3 measures:

#supportyourlocalestores1. We are now reducing our service fees for new and existing customers to 3%. We only cover the system costs incurred. We also suspend the minimum contract term.

2. In addition, we will no longer send postal vouchers with immediate effect in order to reduce the risk of infection.

3. We offer you to use our system for calls for donations or prepayment campaigns online to help you get paid even while your doors are closed.

Create calls for donations or prepayment campaigns

There are no limits to your creativity. Regardless of whether you want to offer an additional service or simply send your regular customers “karma points” in return; You can easily create new products and promotions and share them on your website, Facebook or Instagram.

here are some examples of what you can do:

A voucher for a price X
“X € donation” and a description that this is only a donation voucher that has a “karma value”

A ” karma ” voucher for a price X
“Your favorite song on the reopening day” or “A regular customer badge”

A topping voucher for a price X
“10 minutes extra for your next massage” or “an extra salad”

Please contact us via email We will help you!

Share with other local companies

We want to help as many local businesses as possible. If you know someone who can help spread the word on our action or someone in need of our help, share it with them.

Click here to register:  One-click voucher system
In addition, there will soon be more information about our Instagram account @atento_giftcard and the hashtag #supportyourlocalstores.