Motivierte Mitarbeiter

Employee benefits - effective and tax free

Motivated employees through gift cards for selected local providers and tax benefits for employers.

The Atento Employee Happiness Center

Increase the motivation of your employees with gift cards for unique local suppliers

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Inspire your employees

  • Open vouchers for exclusive suppliers matching the interests of the employee.
  • Specific- or topic related vouchers about special experiences.
  • Team events with trough our businessnetwork with a unique atmosphere guranteed.

Benefits for your team

  • Higher employee loyalty through appreciation to which they  remember.
  • Fewer sickdays due to needs-based motivation.
  • Strengthened sense of sense of unity and shared experiences through exciting and unforgettable team events.

Reduced effort for your human resources team

  • Automated reminder and gifting for company anniversaries, birthdays and public holidays.
  • Easily manage one-time and recurring team events.
  • Individual budgets by department, team or employee

Use tax advantages

  • Up to € 708 per year and employee exempt from income tax and social security.
    528€44 € Atento balance per month and employee for free disposal.
    180€3 x 60 € per year and employee for special personal occasions such as anniversary, wedding or birthday.
     708€per year and employee!
  • Datev-compatible reporting

Customize the portal to the needs of you company

  • Configure your own employee happiness center dashboard
  • Import and export employee lists

No long-term obligations

  • We will never charge a monthly fee per employee.
  • We do not want to hope for it, but our service contract can be terminated at any time.

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