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The Atento Buy Button Platform

Boost your revenue by selling digital gift cards and vouchers in your website

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How The Buy Button Works

  • We integrate a Buy Button and gift card sales pages into your website in minutes
  • Your website visitors can now buy digital gift cards and vouchers with just a few clicks
  • You get new customers and additional sales without any effort

Create Unique Offers That Sell

  • Sell an experience, a product or provide open value cards for your customers. Creating the gift card offers is fast and simple
  • Our support team is here to help you make the best offers and track the performance of your best sellers

Voucher Acceptance

  • When your customer receives a digital gift card, she will come to your place of business with a printing voucher or the digital voucher in her phone.
  • Your sales team or waiter will scan the QR code or enter the voucher code into a secure web page
  • Each voucher has anti-fraud protection. Once you’ve entered or scanned the voucher code, that gift card has been redeemed and is no longer valid for use

Make More Sales

  • Here’s how the numbers work, based on current partner data:
    10,000Web Visitors per month
    0.1%Conversion to gift card purchase
    40€Average gift card value
    4,800€Average yearly sales
  • 26% of gift cards are not redeemed
  • 41% of the gift card recipients buy more than the actual gift card value
  • Every gift card recipient is an opportunity to create a loyal customer

Customize Your Pages

Choose your colors, upload your favorite images. The Atento platform is designed to blend in with your brand.

Safe and Secure

PCI compliant credit card sales and complete anti-fraud protection for the voucher redemption make the Atento platform ready for your business.

The Atento Exclusive Gifting Marketplace

Join the hyper-local gifting marketplace that personalizes gift giving with the best offers and merchants in your area

Become a Member

  • Atento is a hyper-local, authentic marketplace offering the most unique and specialized products and services in your city and neighborhood.
  • Joining our exclusively curated gift card marketplace is by application only.
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Get New Customers

As an exclusive, members-only marketplace, we will attract new customers to your products as they enter the website to find the most interesting, personalized gifts for their friends and loved ones.

Free Set Up and Store Design

  • Once you are admitted as a member of the marketplace, our sales team will sit with you and walk you through the store set up.
  • Use your photos, choose your colors and decide what you want to sell on your page.
  • We encourage our marketplace partners to tell their own stories to make their store feel like an extension of their own personalities

Pay When You Sell

We only earn a percentage of the sales you make in the Atento marketplace. There are no monthly fees

Attract Corporate Budgets

  • Our sales team encourages local businesses to engage with Atento for their employee benefits and gifting
  • Buying from Atento supports the local economy by patronizing the small, authentic merchants in their neighborhood.
  • This is a move away from impersonal, industrial gifting to more authentic, personalized and valued gifts.

Atento Pricing

We are here to support your growth

Buy Button Platform

  • No Fixed Costs
  • No Minimum Monthly Fees
  • No Commitments
  • You can cancel at any time


  • No Fixed Costs
  • No Minimum Monthly Fees
  • No Commitments
  • You can cancel at any time

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Join the best local merchants and increase your revenue with our hassle-free gift card and marketplace solutions. Our dedicated service includes attentive customer support, anti-fraud protection, seamless mobile integration, PCI compliant credit card processing and traffic generation.

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